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By: James Fender 


“Make good choices in life…Strive to live carefully, conscientiously, happily, healthy, debt and stress free. Never take anything for granted. Never. Always be grateful. Treat folk like you want to be treated. Respect others. Regardless, always honor elders; your parents. Why? Because God said so. And remember karma is real. What goes around always comes back around. So, think before you say it. Because your thoughts become your actions. And what you do & say becomes your reality.


“What’s Wrong with Wrong?” A lot. We live in an age now where people seem to have no backbone. We see “wrong” but say nothing. That’s what’s “wrong with wrong”. 


The legal term is “complicit” means involved with others doing wrong. So, I'll start this blog with the war between Israel and Hamas. Killing innocent people anywhere is evil & wrong. Wouldn’t you agree? However, I keep hearing people say the U. S. doesn’t need to be involved in global humanitarian crisis. Helping people who can’t help themselves (for whatever reason) is called humanity. Wouldn’t you want somebody to come to your rescue? If enough Americans spoke loudly & clearly I think the Israeli war would stop. Otherwise, innocent people continue suffering and lose what they've spent a lifetime building. 


Next, the wealth gap in our country is orchestrated; designed to keep some people at bay. I think denying people access to money regardless of their ethnicity, nationality and/or socio-economic background is wrong. It happens though; especially in the United States. To grow and succeed in anything you have to have money. Actually, I think demanding equal access to finance was a next move in the 60’s Civil Rights Movement. We know what happened there…right? For one, we need access to money so we can repair a lot of OUR communities so they’re competitive and presentable. That requires money; I don’t hear many politicians with that on their agenda. Do you? 


Last, America has been killing African-Americans for centuries; that’s definitely wrong. Thank goodness for the internet to expose the real truth. These days, folk record wrong “real time” with smartphones…post unedited & without a filter. That’s a game changer. The same media sometimes used to deceive is now being used to tell the truth. I love it. I urge more people to use technology to expose wrong at every level. 


I could go on for days pointing out “What’s wrong with wrong?” Hopefully by now you get it. I urge everyone (with a legitimate claim) to take a stand. If we never ever point out things that are “wrong” it’ll never get any better for you, your family and anybody's future. Never. 


Praying that God will give you a courageous spirit to say something that will change the course and produce a better outcome.


About the author:  James Fender is a native of Lexington, KY. He graduated from Bryan Station High School in 1983. He then attended Mid-America College of Funeral Service. He obtained his Associate Degree in Mortuary Science in 2001. Fender Funeral Directors was opened in 2004. James has one child…a daughter named Janell Fender who earned her Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree from University of Louisville in May 2023. You can find Mr. Fender online at The firm’s motto is “Serving every family within their means.”

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